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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

Anything permanently deleted from Google Drive Trash can't be recovered. If you have deleted an item, chances are that the file is in the Trash folder. Try searching for the file, or try looking in the Trash and recover the items.

Search your Google Drive:

If you can't find an item in your Google Drive, it doesn't necessarily mean that it has been deleted. Try searching for an item in the following ways:
  • Check different Google Drive sorting options, such as Last modifiedLast opened by me and Title.
  • Search your Google Drive. Try this option if you're confident that you know a good search phrase since Google Drive search doesn't allow partial matches and won't show results if a word is misspelled or if the search terms are too specific and doesn't allow partial matches.
  • Check your email history for a sharing notification or link to the item, if you don’t own the doc or file. It's possible that you unsubscribed from that item in your Google Drive.

Restore items from the Trash:

If the owner of a doc or file moved it to the trash, and the trash hasn't been emptied, it's possible for the owner to recover the doc or file:
  1. Click Trash in the left navigation.
  2. Locate the item you'd like to move back to Google Drive, and check the box next to the title.
  3. Click the More drop-down menu.
  4. Select Restore from trash. This will restore the item back to the owner’s Google Drive, as well as to any collaborator’s Google Drive.
Viewers, commenters, and editors aren't able to recover anything, as they don't have the ability to trash or permanently delete items that they don't own. Contact the owner to regain access to an item or to ask them if they're able to recover an item from the trash.

Source: Google Drive File Deletion and Recovery Policy

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Video Tutorial: Backup Files, Sync Docs and Edit Drive Offline

Watch this Youtube video for simple steps on how to:

  • Backup & clean up files from computer
  • Sync Google Docs 
  • View & edit Drive offline

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work Smarter With Google Drive Shortcut Keys

Use keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive. Try them out:

Navigate and select items

Navigate to next item in list (highlights selection)
Navigate to previous item in list (highlights selection)
Select or de-select a highlighted item
Select next item in list
Shift +
Select next item in list while leaving the current selection selected
Select previous item in list
Shift +
Select previous item in list while leaving current selection selected
Shift + a
Select all
Shift + n
Select none

Create new Google Docs

Shift + t
Create a new text document
Shift + p
Create a new presentation
Shift + s
Create a new spreadsheet
Shift + d
Create a new drawing
Shift + f
Create a new folder

Go to different views

g then n
Access navigation panel
g then l
Access list of documents
g then f
Access folders
g then d
Access details pane

Show various menus

Show the create new menu, use arrow keys to select an item to create
Show upload menu
Show actions menu
Show sort menu
Show view menu

Take action

o or Enter
Open item

Access or enable features

Go to search box
Show / hide details pane
? or Ctrl + /
Access shortcuts help menu

Mac users can replace Ctrl with the Command key ( or 'Apple' key) and Alt with the Option key.